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What is Your Body-Mind type?

Everyone is unique and born with a specific mind-body type that influences their physical, psychological, and behavioral traits, as well as their preferences and tastes. In Ayurveda it is defined as Prakriti-your genetic nature, your constitution.

We always get surprise to know we react differently to same situation, same food or same lifestyle. Why? Spicy hot food causes discomfort, heart burn to one person but the same goes fine with other. Someone loves winter someone cannot tolerate cold and enjoys warm summer.why?As we see in the same family two persons have different nature one is calm and quiet and like relaxed life style and other is active talkative and enjoys traveling,adventures.Why?

It is your body-mind type that’s why you tend to react to situations and circumstances in the way that you do.

Constitution is his nature which is genetically determined. Each constitution is made up of three doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha with relative proportion. The predominant Dosha at the time of conception is responsible for that type of Constitution. There are 7 types of constitutions, one Dosha dominating, two doshas dominating which are common and all three doshas at balance state which is rare type.

When you learn what your mind-body type is, you get insight into your basic nature.

We need to take care of our dominating Dosha as it is already high in proportion so it will be easily imbalanced with its aggravating diet or lifestyle. Knowing your body mind type will not only helps you to understand what foods, exercise, weather, and activities are best for you and which tend to imbalance you but also helps you to cope with situations, circumstances, other people, and stress

Proper balance is the key to a long and healthy life filled with vitality.

General features of Vata dominating body mind type-

General features of Pitta dominating body mind type-

General features of Kapha dominating body mind type-

Schedule your consultation to know what is your body type, what are your imbalances? How to restore natural balance? What is suitable diet and life style, daily routine for your body type and to balance your Dosha? What are body-mind therapies best for you and how can you promote self healing.